China BTS Association Announcement on Airdrop Account Details

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Dear NBS&BTS community and investors:

After several days of hard work in the association, the NBS airdrop account basically completed the airdrop task.
As of 12:00 on September 24, 2020, the Association has signed and approved a total of 262 transfer proposals, and a total of 1,607,720,026 NBSs have been airdropped. Among them, the cnvote agent airdropped 329,451,260 NBS in the internal disk, and the exchange airdropped 1195098528 NBS. After the points were exchanged for NEWBS, 83120237 NBS was cross-chain.

At present, there are still 321 accounts left in the internal airdrop agent, and 57,950,141 NBS unclaimed. There are 216,879,763 NBSs remaining in the points redemption part.

The NBS airdrop account is signed by 10 people, and each transfer needs 7 people to approve it before it can be executed. After review by the Association, the accounts are clear and the airdrop is accurate. All the transfer records on the chain are now counted and publicized, and all records are available on the chain, please community audit.

If anyone finds an airdrop account problem or has any questions, please send an email to the official NBS mailbox for inquiry.

In the next step, we will enable NBS internal trading, mortgage, mining and other functions as soon as possible. Please follow the announcement on the official website of the Association.

Thank you for your support to the Association and NBS!

A summary of internal airdrops, see Annex 1 for details

Airdrop statusAmountamount of usersTotal expected airdrop 390,403,000 1408Airdrop completed 329,451,259 1079Unclaimed 57,950,141 321Exception/ID error 3,440,974 8

Summary of committee-drop bills, see Annex 2 for details

types of feeAmount summaryNEWBS large amount exchange (multi-signature issue)-37580237Cross-chain bridge exchange (NEWBS exchange)-45540000Proposal approval fee, indirect expenditure0Large airdrop (multi-signature issuance, source publicity data)-301357031Test purpose-49993Small airdrop spending-28094229Exchange airdrop (multi-signature issuance)-1195098528Collection of funds into account3499417089Cash on book1891697071

Attachment 1: As of September 24, NBS internal disk airdrop details

Attachment 2: Detailed record of multi-signature accounts as of September 24

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